Stucco FAQ


Should adjoining pieces of trim accessories, such as control joints, etc. used in stucco be butted tight together?

Adjacent or adjoining trim accessories should be gapped per the manufacturer's instructions (typically 1/8 to 3/16") to allow for expansion and contraction of the trim. The trim intersections should also be set in a bead of an approved sealant to minimize potential water entry.

How long should STUCCOBASE™ cure prior to the application of the finish?
What are some of the basic differences between expansion and control joints and how are they used in Senergy® Stucco Wall Systems?
What is the purpose of moist or damp curing cementitious products such as stucco?
What is efflorescence?
How can efflorescence be removed?


What maintenance do wall systems require?

Periodic cleaning is suggested. Sealants should be reviewed every year or so. All cladding systems, including brick and vinyl, require some maintenance.

When should I maintain the system?
How do I clean the finish coat?
How do I get graffiti off my walls?
How long should this product last?