Timeless masonry has survived as the material of choice for shelter for thousands of years. From cozy single-family homes to contemporary office buildings, apartment buildings or inspiring churches, masonry adapts to fit any construction challenge.

Quality of image conveyed by brick, block and stone leaves a lasting impression of permanence, stability and strength. Masonry has survived a test of time due to its inherent aesthetic and structural qualities. Skill and experience of a masonry contractor combined with the vast array of today’s different styles, textures, colors and sizes of available masonry stone, bricks, blocks and decorative accents place no limits on aesthetic creativity.

The innovative features of masonry systems can create a unique design which will stand out from the crowd and be a source of pride in your community. Stone, block or brick wall can perform several functions simultaneously. Masonry does not burn, melt or twist when exposed to fire which provides more safety to you family or business, not to mention favorable savings on annual fire insurance policy premiums.


Masonry walls provide a large amount of mass for maintaining constant temperature and stability. They are infiltration-free, and resistant to sound transmission. For more thermal insulation, mason contractor can simply foam insulation into the cores of the units, or attach insulation to the inside face. Masonry walls can serve both as the load-bearing structure and skin of the building at the same time. This can greatly reduce costs by avoiding a need of an extra trade on the job site, saving time and thus providing more construction momentum.

The effective lead time for a masonry building usually only takes 1-2 weeks because a contractor can obtain all the building material, whether it is brick, concrete block, split face, cast stone, natural stone, thin stone, cultured stone or limestone from a local source. In addition, masonry is the most environmentally-friendly building system available.


Materials are made entirely or primarily of natural ingredients which are inert and non-toxic, readily accessible, recyclable and reusable. Reduced mold growth promotes indoor air quality.

Our company offers a full range of experienced masonry services, including: Brickwork – brick is versatile material which allows artistic design and creativity. Our expert bricklayers can carry out from simple to most challenging architectural structures with great detail and professionalism.

Stonework – natural stone can enhance the beauty and character of any project and convert a home to a house. Our craftsmen can create stone arches or blend with different building materials, imagination is the limit.

Thin Stone - cut from natural stone thin stone is a lightweight alternative to full size veneer. It can be installed without a stone ledge or foundation making it especially good to use for remodeling projects and fireplaces. Cultured Stone is yet another option.


Thin Brick - gives you the look of traditional brick masonry without the hassle of expensive lintels, heavy foundations and structural supports.

Limestone - limestone is excellent for building because it can be easily carved. Custom cut limestone surrounds, columns, decorative trim or balustrades installed by our craftsmen provide a distinctive mark and exceptional visual appeal to your property.

Cast Stone – architectural cast stone can be manufactured in variety of shapes, colors and textures and it is used as a cost effective alternative to cut natural stone.

Fireplaces – fireplace usually holds a responsibility of being a focal point in the room. Well designed and built masonry fireplace can give the room a special charm and elegance. It is also considered as one of the top three remodeling jobs in terms of return on investment.


Remodeling Services – we can offer a sound advice on your project, help you choose right materials, design elements and make a smooth transition to the rest of the building. We will build any new exterior or interior elevations, relocate openings, rebuild and reinforce walls and more.

Repair and Renovation Services

Tuck pointing – even the most durable building materials are susceptible to Mother Nature. In order to maintain integrity of masonry walls defective or washed out mortar joints must be filled in with new mortar and any damaged masonry units replaced. In order to maintain the original looks of masonry we pay a close attention that mortar color and technique as well as any replacement units are as close in appearance to the existing as possible.

Chimney Repairs – chimney is usually the part of structure that is most affected by harsh weather conditions. We will make any necessary repairs so that it looks and functions like new, longer.

Lintel Replacement – due to improper building practices steel lintels may start rusting and causing further problems to the walls. To prevent costly wall repairs we can replace defective steel pieces with new ones that come primed, painted, with proper flashings and drainage.


Masonry Sealing / Waterproofing – in the past couple decades construction industry has had technological advances in waterproofing materials. If you are experiencing water intrusion problem - clear, penetrating, breathable water repellant combined with any required masonry envelope repairs can do the job.