CWSG, Inc. Stucco Color and Texture Chart

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Disclaimer as to Color and Quality: The standard colors in this catalog are designed and mixed by BASF Senergy Wall Systems. While you view the samples, keep in mind that even the actual samples can have minimal color variations from the finished product. Continental Wall Systems can assist you in designing a unique color and we will work with BASF Senergy Wall Systems to mix that color for you. However, if you are seeking to match the color of material currently in place, or matching your company's logo or other branding, keep in mind that creating an exact match is very difficult and, due to many factors, minimal color variations of the finished product may exist. The color you select will change with the effects of age, temperature, and a variety of other factors out of our control. The color you select may appear slightly different on your home or building due to variations in texture and lighting. Colors may also appear lighter or darker when applied to differently sized areas. Continental Wall Systems does not warrant the color or quality of any product you view in this catalog. Any warranty as to color or product quality is provided exclusively and solely by the manufacturer, BASF Senergy Wall Systems.