Stucco and EIFS System

Stucco and EIFS Systems offer the optimal solutions for dramatically improving the appearance, performance and value of aging buildings. Well known for their design flexibility, aesthetics and energy savings, these wall systems greatly reduce the exterior maintenance and operating costs of aged structures.

stucco-detailsDevelopers/Builders, Property Mangaers and Homeowners using Stucco and EIFS systems benefit by being able to satisfy more quickly and economically the improvements to an exterior while revitalizing with a fresh new look.

When modernizing the property and adding new wings Stucco and EIFS are able to visually unify the property. The systems offer the highest degree of design and application flexibility on renovation projects and new construction. Endless variations of colors applied over these Wall Systems complement or cover brick, masonry, concrete or other claddings.

stuccoFor retail property management, Stucco and EIFS are a quick, easy and flexible means for updating exteriors to match brand image changes and to ensure a revitalized exterior that presents an inviting appearance to shoppers. Homeowners can update the appearance of their home to contribute to these increased values.

Reasons Why Stucco and EIFS is useful for your next project…. Speed of installation. Faster completion with less disruption to occupants; faster generation of rental income.

Design flexibility. No other cladding material offers the design flexibility of Stucco and EIFS. Shape the project the way you want it. Integrates well with areas of brick or other claddings that you might want to keep exposed for design purposes.

Additional insulation for older buildings. Lower costs on heating and air conditioning bills; when renovating the building’s HVAC equipment, the additional insulation should reduce the building’s load and allow for downsizing equipment, cutting renovation investment costs.

stucco-servicesImproves the appearance. Provide an upscale look and the added dimension of integral shapes. The building draws interest; for retail this is essential in order to compete. For other income-generating properties, it is essential for attracting and retaining tenants and reducing vacancy rates.

Economical installation. Nothing competes with the value EIFS and Stucco adds when it comes to integrating architectural detailing and visual interest into the project.

Reduced maintenance cost. Fade, crack and peel resistant. High-impact system options cope with high traffic.